10 Inventions that changed the world.

1- Invention of the Wheel
The real round thing may be the first of it’s kind of a innovation. It was way back in the stone age When our ancestors discovered it. Can you imagine the life without a wheel how would it have been ? Movement is the key to progress and the wheel always shows us to move forward.


2- Invention of the Steam Engine
James Watt the inventor of the steam engine surely made something which turned the world for sure. The steam engine is the father of the engine drives. Later on the progression turn out to be diesel, petrol and various fuels driven engine.


3- Invention of the Automobile
Wheel Wheel go for a drive. Yes the automobile is one of the most amazing discoveries that has been done in the world. You start your vehicle and go for a drive. Prior to that people depended on the animal carts and other ways to transport. But after the invention of Automobile it’s easier and handy to move.


4- Invention of the Airplane
Distances are a matter of past now. Airplane is the fastest and easiest way to travel across the world now a days. Book a ticket and fly fly. You don’t need wings to fly when you have the plane Yay.

5- Invention of the Camera
Before the invention of camera it was hard to kept your precious memories alive. But there has been a significant change after the invention of camera. You can store your precious moments safe forever. There has been also a significant change in the evolution of camera. From film rolls of the past we now deal in digital photography.

6- Invention of the Radio
This is Marconi broadcasting from the radio station from Italy to India. Yes this was possible because of him we can hear a person across the distances. The radio was used to be something which was the first medium of entertainment apart from the previous ones. Radio broadcast are all over the world now.

7 – Invention of the Television
After the radio the invention of Television came into existence and from that day the entertainment has a new definition. The Television AKA TV is the first and foremost thing for everyone all around the globe now. Imagine how great it was to view some one moving on TV sets. There are still modernization of TV going on and we are sure to have more technology coming through.

8- Invention of the Telephone
Hello Hello ! Is anyone out there ? The hello of a telephone was the thing that made a huge difference in the modern world. Graham Bell the man behind it was certainly has a great impact in modern era. From Telephones to Mobiles we are viewing the changes day by day. If telephone was not there how the life would have been? Telephone the most amazing discovery of world.

9- Invention of the Computer
Aloha, here comes the computer. Make way for the daddy of all. Computer is the invention which has affected and changed the world all around the globe. Denis Richie should be awarded for making it possible for a machine to work for human under the human control totally. Computer are the most essential part of everyday life.

10- Invention of the Internet
Yeah the last but not the least. Internet is a network protocol based system that allows us to share data all over the world. Internet is gigantic step in the revolution of modern day world. Day by day it is getting more and more closer to the normal day life.

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