The invincible: A disabled woman’s relentless fight for accessibility.

Virali at Ernakulam Railway station in Kerala during the unveiling of portable ramps in the station. | Photo Credit: IANS
Virali at Ernakulam Railway station in Kerala during the unveiling of portable ramps in the station. | Photo Credit: IANS

There are days when you look for inspiration and then you find it in the most unlikely of places. We came across one such story today.

Bengaluru: Virali Modi, 26, fighting on after a deadly bout of malaria had her comatose for weeks and left her paraplegic and wheelchair-bound at the age of 14. In coma for 23 days, she miraculously opened her eyes on the day the doctors decided to remove her life-support and has not stopped since then, fighting for her rights — and those of other disabled people.



Ten years ago, life almost came to a standstill for Virali modi after an accident. She was lying on her presumed deathbed on her birthday; she was in a coma, living off a ventilator. Absolutely no one thought she would trick death and come back to life so beautifully.

In one of her FB posts, she wrote about her life since the accident that changed her life. An excerpt reads,

“Within the last 10 years, I gained more self-confidence and won second place in The Miss Wheelchair India pageant in 2014. I started writing about my life’s experiences on Quora and earned 58,000 followers that are getting inspired and motivated by my writing, while I create a future for myself. I’ve become a motivational speaker and have been graced by standing ovations. I started pursing modeling and acting, although I’m still waiting for my big break. Last but not least, I’ve started to bring awareness about disability through my writing, because there isn’t much awareness in India, unfortunately.


She said, “You’re more important than anyone else. Start focusing on you and you’ll be much happier than you were when you were trying to please society.”


while speaking to a news channel she shared her thoughts about disability

“Having a disability isn’t really a disability. Disabled are those who cannot feel empathy and love. Disabled are those who are rapists and murders. A ‘disability’ cannot stop you from pursuing your dreams. I want to be an actress, I’m going to keep fighting for my right to be pursue my passion. Just because my legs aren’t working, doesn’t mean that my right to live is over!”

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