Aamir khaan couldn’t sleep for 3 to 4 days because this film’s failure.


Aamir Khan means perfection in the Bollywood industry and whenever this superstar does any film, it means that the film is going be flawless. But the actor has always accepted that in the starting of his career, he didn't do good movies and it was not according to what he was planning to do.

In the year 1995, Aamir Khan's one film released called Aatank Hi Aatank in which he played the Bollywood version of Michael Corleone from the Hollywood film The Godfather. The film was a disaster at the box office and the interesting thing is that the film also starred Rajinikanth.

Recently in a recent media interaction, Aamir Khan has shared that time when he got depressed after seeing his work in the film.

Deccan Chronicle has quoted Aamir Khan as saying, “After the release of this film, I was shocked. I felt like I shouldn’t have done the film. No sooner did I watch the film did I realise that I have really done a very bad job. I chose some not-so-good roles at the beginning of my career.”


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