Shocking!!! Demand for taking dress off in an audition



Although the casting industry is not being spoken openly in the film industry but  the real situation is not hidden.

The industry's most authoritative type has just happened during a reality show audition.

Auditioning for upcoming reality show on Entertainment Channel is being started in a college in Malleshwar, Bangalore. Many girls had attended this audition.

But there they got a different experience. During the audition they were asked many questions about private life. Do you have a lover?? Do you know about sex? Do you ever had sex??? and many more..

This audition does not stop here. If you want to go to the next round of the audition, A young woman told that she was asked to remove all the clothes from her body and asked to kiss the man in front of her.

After being viral all this situation on social media, many parents of the girls reached the place. After seeing the number of angry parents, the police reached the spot and stopped the audition.

source :: indiatimes

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